A Bark in the Night

Preschool teacher Nala Bonne wants a career better suited to her skills, so she opens her own detective agency in a dingy downtown office building occupied by only one other tenant. At the same time, her best friend Karlie, who runs a rescue shelter, convinces her to adopt Max the German Shepherd, who turns out to be able to … TALK … thanks to a spell cast on him by a former owner’s neglected girlfriend. That’s why Karlie matched them, knowing Max could not only serve as a sounding board for Nala’s ideas, but discreetly listen to other human conversations without notice. He’s also telepathic, a bond Nala discovers when she meets her first paying client, Constance Bingham, who suspects Gordon Lansing, the CEO of the company her father built, Bingham Industries, is draining the company’s funds.

Aided by her hacker friend Elvin and fellow building tenant, Harry, embezzlement quickly turns to identity theft, kidnapping, and car chases, rounded out by Interpol and dangerous drugs. Constance turns out to have more starch in her spine than suspected, and the defensive skills Nala’s police captain dad taught her in youth get her out of more than one tight spot — always aided, of course, by Max.

But who’s that man watching the building from the shadows — Max senses his presence — and why is he obsessed with getting into Nala’s office?!?

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