Bark up and Smell the Coffee

Willow Wells and Telescope have finally opened her doggie gym, and Willow looks forward to training a gorgeous Irish setter, Lady Valkyrie, for the Field Trial Championship. However, just as she comes to an agreement with her owner, Terry, the local B&B owner, Kaitlin Janes, drops dead on Main Street … and Terry , who was mending their broken friendship, is the primary suspect.

Not to mention, the local dog groomer is retiring, and Willow reluctantly feels she has to branch out into offering more services. Griffin tries to demonstrate how doing so would crowd her out of her home, but she rejects his advice … and his advances, since she’s sworn off mixing business & pleasure since her disastrous divorce … much to Tele’s disapproval.

Determined to prove Terry’s innocence, Willow & Wednesday, along with a bit of assistance from Griffin, discover others who bore ill will toward Kaitlin, as a more careless side of the B&B owner emerges. One gossipy customer airs a story at odds with Willow’s knowledge, and she finds herself backtracking to pin down the enemy that ended Kaitlin’s life, and wants to end hers as well … but fails to factor in the determined Tele.

Along the way, Willow’s long-widowed police chief father, Frank, gives her some valuable advice about love and trusting herself, which gives her the courage to view Griffin through very different eyes, much to Tele’s delight.

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