Bark of the Town

Life is good for Willow Wells and her three-legged chihuahua, Telescope — her dog gym and training center is thriving, she’s featured in an ad campaign with one of her champions, and her relationship with her boyfriend, Griffin, is great. But when she stops by the home of nail shop owner Patricia to drop off half a case of wine they’d bought together and finds her dead, Willow know she has another case to solve. And this one is particularly important, because her sister, Wednesday, was standing over the body.

When another nail shop owner, Becca, is found stabbed in her shop, with Wednesday’s name in that time slot, Willow’s sister, as well as their dad, Chief Frank Wells, is suspended from the force for the duration of the investigation. Knowing the detective assigned to the case has a grudge against her father, Willow doubles down on solving the crime, helped by the fact that contractor Griffin hurt his shoulder on the job and uses his recovery time to help out at the dog gym. However, his smooth rapport with both clients and staff worry Willow, still haunted by how her ex-husband stole her previous business during their divorce.

As she plunges into the investigation, she finds the victims had plenty of enemies, but there are just as many alibis, and Willow is determined her sister and father won’t fall victim to a malicious detective. Nor can she shake her worries about Griffin, even as her preparation for a big promotional photo shoot gets complicated …

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