Home is Where the Bark Is

After a bitter divorce in which she lost her dog training business, Willow Wells moves home after the death of her Aunt Edna, who left her home and dog training gym to her niece. The house and grounds have fallen into disrepair, but with the help of contractor Griffin Maynard, she’s on track to get everything in order so she can start her new business before the beginning of show season.

Until her three-legged chihuahua, Telescope, sinks slightly into a depression in the backyard, revealing the body of a local realtor.

In short order, Griffin is declared the number one suspect, but because Tele trusts him, Willow feels he can’t be guilty, even though the police have frozen his bank accounts and most of the work at her house has to stop. Her father, the local police chief, wants her to find another contractor and even volunteers to lend her the money until hers is freed from Griffin’s account, but she knows she has to help her contractor find the real killer.

Willow has always felt that her sweet rescued tripod can communicate with her and other humans, but she discovers just how savvy Tele is when faced with the real killer.

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