It Takes Two: Our Story

Fans of Property Brothers (and their offshoots) won’t be surprised that the Scotts have penned a saccharine autobiography.  Their tale of brothers who just got lucky in real estate & construction is very much in keeping with their hyperactive but unrealistic renovation show.  Savvy readers know that few contractors and realtors end up first on Canadian, then American, cable TV and become international stars, much less pursue successful side careers in magic and acting. As a result, some might find themselves surprised, and perhaps a bit ashamed, to actually read it. (It’s okay to remove the cover in public.)

The brothers alternate chapters, with the other making snarky comments in cursive text. Anyone who follows the Scotts know about their upbringing in rural Alberta and their transition to Las Vegas, so the more interesting chapters feature their intimate relationships. Without ever mentioning his ex-wife’s name (a genteel step), Jonathan describes the painful dissolution of his two-year marriage, noting he mourned the breakup longer than the union lasted. He then claims to have found eternal love with Jacinta Kuznetsov, from whom he split shortly after publication. Drew’s relationship with his girlfriend (now wife) Linda has its own chapter, although their wedding occurred well after the book was published. Their parents and older brother are frequently mentioned throughout the book, and their depiction of a warm, loving family seems authentic. They also depict the rigors of their keystone series and guide readers behind the scenes, describing how homeowners are selected and why they hire contractors at each location. However, they omit discussion of several critical and oft-mentioned flaws, such as ridiculously short construction timelines, fabricating problems for each project, and cost estimates that fall far short of industry standards.

This entertaining but shallow book is clearly aimed at those who worship at the altar of the Scotts.  Those with inquiring minds might want to pass on this one.


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