Megan’s Birthday (Megan’s World Book 4)

Megan is about to turn 14 and is quite busy: she’s just become an aunt to baby Fred, her four kittens are thriving, and her pet-sitting business is going well.

In fact, she has a new client, Mrs. Stevenson, who has entrusted her with sweet but nervous Bentley, who doesn’t like other dogs and doesn’t much care for strangers. However, Megan endears herself to Bentley and deftly manages him through several difficult situations.

Dr. Newton has also invited her to take part in a pet CPR class, where Megan not only excels, but meets classmates Mr & Mrs Pearson, whose four-pound chihuahua, Peanut, often eats his food so fast he chokes. (As a chihuahua mom, I’m familiar with that.) The three of them work together during class, and by the time it’s over, Megan has earned another new client. In addition, Dr. Newton invites her to attend an upcoming event, as he knows she’s serious about becoming a veterinarian.

Megan is also worried about her brother, Kevin, who has postponed college plans because of the arrival of baby Fred. He seems downcast at not being able to attend, but Megan urges him to consider taking just one night class at a time and not giving up.

Finally, Megan’s friends Jill, Tiffany, and Amber join her for a birthday sleepover, where she’s showered with cat-centric gifts, pizza, and homemade chocolate cake, followed by playing with the kittens and watching movies.

Megan’s Birthday is a great book about a responsible teenager solving problems and facing contemporary issues in a sensible manner. She provides a great role model for children, tweens, and teenagers, and readers of almost ever age will enjoy this book.

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