Mocha Cake and Murder

Libby Landry is desperately trying to recover from the fire that destroyed her bakery, the Caffeinated Cakery, when the local handyman is murdered in her shop, elegant cake knife between his shoulders, while she’s in the kitchen. Noah Ballister, the victim, had just asked her on a date, which is why she was hiding with her sister, Nina, and eccentric but loyal friend, Trudy. Between her financial woes and her ex-husband’s girlfriend flaunting their romance in her face, Libby is not ready to date.

But she is ready to track down Noah’s murderer.

Using the engraved knife and its initials — KBC — as her starting point, Libby uncovers currents of hate and jealousy flowing throughout the little mountain town of Pinewood. From the arrogant hotel owners across the street to the town hermit living in his filthy home, Libby finds clues, but the police inspector in charge — and ex-husband — Brad Dorsley, needs her help as much as she needs his. He initially tries to discount her abilities and discourage her involvement, but as the investigation continues, not only do they discover what started the fire in Libby’s bakery and who murdered Noah, but realize the divorce hasn’t completely severed their friendship and trust in each other, which saves more than one life.

Mocha Cake and Murder is the splendid debut of Angelica Willow, which will leave readers not just hungry for more mystery, but cake and coffee too!

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