Murder Feels Crazy

A new pain clinic has opened in Back Mosby, so shiny and board-certified that even drug-shy Gwen is certain that its opening only heralds good. But the furries are angry, marching down the main drag with signs broadcasting accusations of drug abuse toward the practice …

… Except for the panda at the hospital, parading through the hospital lobby clutching a sign in its bloodstained paw, I NEED PAIN PILLS. And when Ceci, the nurse on duty, calmly confronts the furry, it pushes her away and she falls to the floor with a sickening crack.

Thus begins Mark & Pete’s frantic, bloody trip through the world of opiates and addiction. Pete is suspicious — and jealous — of the handsome Dr. Milton Paul treating Ceci’s injuries, while a ghost-white hybrid car glides silently through town, emanating deadly intentions that Mark senses, but he can’t provide hard evidence to Gwen. An immensely pregnant young woman who’s the furry costumer for the community carries more secrets than the baby in her belly.

As suspicious incidents mount, Mark and Pete are convinced Dr. Paul’s clinic is the source of trouble. With the help of the geeks, they manage to access the clinic’s records and record activity in real time, revealing shaky finances, Swiss bank accounts, opioid cut-off records, and a trail to Mark’s greatest enemy, the drug dealer who long ago murdered his girlfriend, Akina. With help from perceived allies, they set up a sting, only to realize that several of the participants have their own agenda … as does Mark, which horrifies Pete … until an even more dreadful possibility reveals itself in a sadistic trap.

Murder Feels Crazy is Bill Alive’s most nail-bitingly suspenseful mystery, one that keeps both narrator and reader on the edge of their seats. Perception may be the empath’s greatest strength, but as this story reveals, it might also be his defining impotence.

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