Murder Feels Bad

Mark & Pete are in the mix again — at the wedding of two former suspects from Murder Feels Awful, Mark is hit with exceptionally negative vibes, the church bell clangs, and the body of a young woman is found collapsed at the base of the bell tower under frayed rope. Once again, it’s hard to be an empath.

A series of strange events follow — a lethally attractive blonde beseeches Mark & Pete for protection, frightened that the local organic milk provider (and suspected witch), is trying to poison her, and while the police are content to rule the hanging as a suicide, Mark & Pete feel otherwise. At the young victim’s funeral, a beatific older man approaches Pete to invite him to a spiritual meeting at his home, and the story starts twisting and turning like the gravel road to their mountaintop shack.

Several more murders occur along the way, with clues pointing to a variety of suspects, but even as the police continue to claim everything has been neatly wrapped with a bow on top, Mark & Pete know the real killer hasn’t been found. Their search, and Mark’s vibes, lead them to a strange and spooky place, facing a danger they never saw coming.

And that’s not all — Ceci might be feeling romantic toward clueless Pete, while Mark & police officer Gwen continue to bicker and banter, sometimes even empathetically.

This second Mark & Pete adventure is even better than the first, filled with hairpin curves readers don’t anticipate (unless, like Mark, they’re empathetic). Plus, the next installment, Murder Feels Crazy, promises even more mayhem, with Furries marching down Back Mosby’s Main Street, protesting who knows what …

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