Rocket Fuel Pee: Curse of the Potency

Dave Smith is now confined to a bleak apartment in the basement of Leading Edge Solar Ray Research Materials Ltd, an Omega Group company, the firm that Daryl the doctor’s son convinced him would be his heaven on earth. Of course, the opposite is true, beginning with the fact it’s in London, a town Dave hates with every fiber in his being. He’d much rather be back in the Crawley jail chatting with Butter and enjoying Meg’s home-cooked meals, but he made his decision in court and has to abide by it … a fact of which Daryl enjoys reminding him.

His only relief is research scientist Molly, who takes actual human interest in him and eventually convinces Dave to try a vegan diet to solve his urinary woes. Predictably, he hates the food, but reluctantly admits that he’s sleeping better and feeling more energetic. He even glimpses hope when Molly tells him the corrosiveness of his output has decreased, plausibly positing that he might one day be able to live normally again, but then irritable scientist Marcus informs him that, as his wee grows weaker, so does his value to Solar Ray.

Which, along with Molly’s departure, sets Dave back on his reckless racetrack of destruction via voluminous amounts of junk food, soda, and alcohol, with a culmination rivaling nuclear bomb testing.

As the second installment of Dave’s story ends, the future is bleak indeed, but he did survive to write that afterword …

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