Sonny from Outer Space

Zonny’s planet, Zana, has run out of food, so he and his friend Zork are looking for other planets to call home. After watching Earth and how kindly its residents treat their pets (“fur creatures” to Zonny), he decides to relocate there as a dog. Equipped with a special collar that allows him to stay in touch with Zork, Zonny flies to Earth and lands in the yard of a little girl named Pamela, who instantly loves the sweet little shih tzu with the collar tag reading “ Sonny.” She takes him inside, introduces him to her two other dogs, Bonnie and Scamp, who are surprised but accepting of Sonny, and introduces him to life as a dog, such as eating from a bowl (he refuses kibble, so Pamela gives him chicken), walking on a leash, and going potty outside. He talks to Zork whenever Pamela isn’t around, astonishing Scamp & Bonnie, but realizes he loves Pamela and life on Earth, and tells his friend he’s decided to stay where he is.

This is a sweet and loving tale of acceptance and friendship that explores themes like fear of leaving home, fitting into a new place, and wondering if Pamela will still love him if she learns he’s an alien in a shih tzu’s body. The illustrations by Jubayda Sagor are sweet and tell the story as much as the words on the page.

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