Karrin, Warrior Woman

Warrior Woman picks up three years after the end of Warrior Child, when Karrin has built a solo life for herself on Switch with the companionship of Brownie, a double-tailed monkey-like creature who’s devoted to her and only leaves her side when she menstruates, one of the many changes she’s experienced since Lurga disappeared. Since her guardian hasn’t returned and she spotted Tatum in his silver fighter shortly after his departure, she’s assumed that Lurga is dead and, while mourning him every day, recognizes she must soldier on to honor his devotion to her. So she fishes, hunts with a bow & arrow, makes her own clothes from skins she tanned, and explores Switch.

Which is how she finds the huge black ship wrecked on the edge of a lake, the source of exotic goodies Brownie has been delivering for months. Clothes, knives, swords, and Lurga’s precious Lear silver are packed aboard the ship, and during her exploration of the interior, she activates the computer system, which informs her the ship belongs to the Senods, a peaceful trading race, and as the finder of the ship, she’s entitled to file a claim on the ship and its contents. But by doing do, she inadvertently alerts the vicious Calens to her presence, and they advance on Switch to fulfill the contract Lurga broke a decade earlier to eliminate the earthling girl.

As she and Brownie prepare to battle the hordes that outnumber them, Karrin has no clue about the surprises that will emerge from the ship. Ahead of her are introductions, trials, bombshells, and revelations that unveil just how much she’s changed from a terrified young child to a strong, confident, and powerful young woman, reinforced by knowing she has support for whatever the future holds. This spellbinding tale of Karrin’s maturity and mastery of her powers is a superb conclusion to the Excalibur saga.

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