Cakewalk to Murder

Donna just discovered that the American version of her favorite British baking show is coming to Legacy and the inn will be hosting three contestants. She’s disappointed, however, that all the bakers have been chosen, although a vacancy pops up soon … and Donna snags the coveted spot.

Her fellow contestants are a motley crew, none of whom are the person they’re portraying. Grandmotherly Marjorie is only on the show to snag a third husband, while Harley is an actress looking for her big break.  Donna and Prashant are the only contestants with any real skill, but the focus is soon on the injured and dying participants.

Donna’s curiosity and sleuthing skills lead her to a surprising suspect whose competence in their chosen profession is minimal, but their delusion and murder skills are second to none. Scott is also at the top of her game as she closes out the Painted Lady series with a celebratory conclusion to Donna and Mark’s adventures.

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