Final Thoughts

Derek is a policeman on the night shift when, during a call, he’s shot in the head. From there, he’s transported to a meeting with the saint tattooed on his arm, Michael, who informs him that God has chosen him for a mission: to save humanity.

When he returns to his body, Derek is overwhelmed by the task of healing, as well as figuring out how to fulfill the archangel’s order. He soon realizes he has many barriers to hurdle in order to do so, including the opposition of political leaders, the media, and even his family and friends, who are all opposed to his new public presence and message. However, he doesn’t waver in his undertaking, as he fears the consequences of failure more than widespread ridicule, and wonders if his efforts will meet the challenge placed before him. RJ Beam deftly details the outcome in this short but riveting story.

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