Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies

During a family trip to the park, five-year-old Rosie excitedly points out a rainbow to her parents, then wonders why Mommy starts crying. Daddy gently explains that tears aren’t always caused by sadness, then he and Mommy tell Rosie about the babies that Mommy carried in her tummy just like Rosie and her little brother, Capi, but “never made it to being born.”

Using the biblical story of Noah’s rainbow, age-appropriate terms and sensitive illustrations, Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies explains the concept of miscarried and stillborn babies to the living children who follow. Rosie learns why her parents call her and Capi ”rainbow babies” and how the little ones who weren’t born will always be part of their family.

Natasha Carlow has written a touching tale to clarify a difficult topic for small children. The illustrations by Keevyn Mohammed and Kyle Stephens are perfect accompaniments for fascinating young readers.

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