The Book Crook

In this fourth Bugle Boy adventure, Duane & Bugle are harangued by the new town librarian to find out who’s selling the library’s contents. Mable Marble, a retired professor who recognizes the value of the old tomes in the dusty, open-one-day-a-week library, takes over the one-room facility run by the intimidating police dispatcher Marge Defarge, who considers everything in town, including the library, her business. As the two women fight over what both consider their territory, a former student of Dr. Marble finds a valuable first edition belonging to the library on eBay, and the furious librarian sets Duane & Bugle on a search for stolen books, which, thanks to a dash of celebrity perfume and the internet, leads them to their needle-clacking villain. All ends well — Duane is promoted to detective, the library gets new books, and Deforest Day pulls off a fine allusion to one of Charles Dickens’ most famous characters.

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