Space Race 2: 2 drunk 2 drive

As the adventure resumes, the two teams are exactly where they were when the first book ended: held captive by the aliens on the moon, bent over and half-naked.

A very brief synopsis: the teams find out their next destination is Mars. The race begins and mayhem ensues. Alternative life forms emerge. Alien beer flows freely. Clothing is a scarce commodity. Bodily fluids are not. The aliens, of course, have an ulterior motive for the journey.

Like its predecessor, 2 drunk 2 drive is a funny, profane story filled with US rednecks, British chavs, and military personnel who make Dr. Strangelove look sane. Delicate readers will be horrified to find each page packed with politically incorrect acronyms (a NASA-like agency’s initials translate as “see you next Tuesday”); mad, bad, and dangerous behavior; and boundless sexual activity, innuendo, and references, including getting jiggy between species. Case and Mackay clearly unleashed their inner teenage boys to write this book, which means that while many readers will find it offensive, an equal number will consider it hilarious and shouldn’t consume liquids while reading, for fear of damaging their e-readers or paperbacks. Count me amongst the latter.

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