Brianna Gets a Guinea Pig

Brianna drops by her friend’s Latiesha’s house, but she can’t play: she’s on her way to cavy club! Brianna has never heard of cavies; Latiesha tells her cavies are better known as guinea pigs and introduces hers, Rhonda. Brianna tells her mom about cavy club, and after Mom talks to Latiesha’s mom, she decides it would be a good responsibility project for Brianna. She chooses Elton at the cavy rescue center, visit a pet store to buy all his supplies, and then take him to a vet for a checkup. At first, Brianna is frustrated by all the work necessary to take care of Elton, but soon realizes the reward of caring for a pet.

This is a lovely book that introduces elementary-age children to the responsibilities and rewards of pet ownership. The writing is informative and interesting, and the illustrations are expressive and well-executed. A reading guide is included at the end, so parents can discuss the book with their young readers after finishing the story.

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