Lulu and Lainey … 12 Days of Christmas

Using the structure of the twelve days of Christmas, Lulu channels her delight about the holidays by imagining the gifts she’ll knit for her loved ones. While she and her beloved Grandmère bake holiday cookies, they make up a song about spreading the joy of knitted goodies, such as a baby bunting for cousin Nicole, four scarves for Papa, seven vests for Oncle Jacque, until everyone has a precious handmade gift. While delivering the gifts the next day, Lulu expresses her version of that most generous holiday sentiment — that it’s more enjoyable to give than receive, so she knows why Pere Noel is such a jolly old soul — and Grandmère readily agrees.

Petren’s delightful story is illustrated by the watercolors of Tanja Russita, whose artwork vividly depicts the happiness of Lulu’s visions and actions. Especially enjoyable is the painting of Oncle Jacque, who’s proudly wearing all seven vests — can the reader spot them all? The two have created a wonderful tale of giving centered around a world-famous song, for all to celebrate.

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