Bad Dog and the Sicilian

Now that Houdini and his family have moved to a new neighborhood, he discovers there’s a new sheriff in town, so to speak … a scarred tabby with big yellow eyes, known to all as The Sicilian, aka Il Capo. And while he reluctantly bows to her demands, he realizes he can help The Sicilian foil the plans of a cat-hating councillor.

So while Tess enters Houdini in an obedience contest and diligently trains him, Houdini plots with Il Capo to save the feral cats who live at the local dump. Their scheme wreaks playful havoc at the pony club competition, which helps Houdini and The Sicilian expose the councillor as a brutish bully. And with the help of Big Steph’s dad and his biker club, there’s a happy ending for everyone.

Fallacious Rose has produced yet another hilarious Houdini tail … err, tale … for all to enjoy his antics.

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