Late for Bingo

For their second cold case adventure, the Way Over the Hill Gang investigates the 10-year-old murder of single mother Theresa Lopez, a motel maid who was brutally murdered in her living room. The only clue the file contains is that Theresa and her daughter, Eleanor, were planning to buy a used car for the teen that day.

As they work as a team to solve the case, individual members cope with their own issues. Gus struggles with his distance from his son and grandchildren, while Jake grapples with the reality of who he is versus the image his friends imagine from their shared war days. Eunice is still a pesky know-it-all, but reluctantly admits to a strained relationship with her daughter. And Marcy and Lance still warily circle each other, not ready to admit their true feelings for each other, while the activity director corrals the gang to stage a holiday extravaganza.

After help from the motel’s new manager, Marcy and Lance interview several former employees, while the guys search for the mythical man that might have captured Theresa’s suspicious heart. After one unsuccessful stakeout, the gang stages another, where Jake’s sharp observations lead to the breakthroughs they need.

The gang’s second investigation is an invigorating romp that not only solves a crime, but gives readers a closer glimpse into the life of each member, laying out a satisfying path for the next adventure.

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