Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel Chu and Nick Young are professors at NYU who’ve been dating for two years, and when his closest friend asks him to be his best man for his wedding to Singapore’s reigning supermodel, Nick feels it’s time she met his family. What he hasn’t told her is he’s the scion of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Asia, who hold definite expectations about his future, which don’t include being a tenured history professor in the Big Apple or marrying an economics professor from a single-parent Chinese-American home.

What follows is typical comic cruelty about the stratification of the ultra-wealthy, with a slew of Mean Girls, the social pretensions of old money versus new, and the disillusionment of those who prefer public service to cloaking themselves in philanthropy while plotting how to preserve their status and wealth through strategic unions.

But how will Nick and, more importantly, Rachel, respond to this pressure? Will Nick bow to his grandmother’s disapproval, or will he step away definitively to establish Rachel’s importance to him? How will she react to unexpected news from her beloved mother? And just who will bring Eleanor Young down a few notches?

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