Kitty Confidential

Angie Russo is making coffee for a will reading at Fulton, Thompson, and Associates, where she works as a paralegal, when the ancient coffee machine delivers a shock that knocks her out. A few moments later, she’s hit with the overwhelming scent of tuna and hears a sarcastic male voice that soon reveals itself as belonging to … a cat. A cat sitting on her chest and staring into her eyes. A cat who introduces himself as Octavius Maxwell Ricardo Edmund Frederick Fulton, beloved pet of the recently deceased Ethel Fulton, who was brought to the will reading because he’s the recipient of a large bequest in her will. A cat who insists his adored owner was murdered: “I know it. I saw everything with my own two eyes.”

And just like that, Angie and Octavius Maxwell Ricardo …. Octo-Cat … are on the trail of a killer. From the mighty sacrifice of sticking his head into a sink full of dirty dishes to suss out the one that smells strange, to watching TV shows to familiarize himself with human language, and learning to FaceTime with Angie, Octo-Cat becomes her invaluable assistant, which comes in handy when she finds out just who was behind Ethel’s murder.

Kitty Confidential is the first novel in Molly Fitz’s new Pet Psychic PI series, and this adventurous introduction gets the catnip ball rolling in splendid fashion.

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