High-Rise Demise: The Empath’s First Case

Mark dropped a lot of hints about his pre-Back Mosby life and why he sequestered himself on a rural Virginia mountain in Murder Feels Awful. Bill Alive fleshes our those indicators in High-Rise Demise: The Empath’s First Case.

Ten years before the start of the Murder Feels books, Mark and his girlfriend, Akina, lived in an shabby condo building in Alexandria, Virginia. Working at a job he hated and sharing an apartment with Zack, Mark was just starting to grasp his empathetic abilities, which tuned him in to the fact that something very bad was going on in the building. As Akina distanced herself from Mark and people started dying violently, he finally figured out what was going on … but at what cost to his soul?

High-Rise Demise should be read after Murder Feels Awful. It’s exclusively available through Book Funnel: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/zlq38rn4a2

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