The Red Hot Yellow Bugatti (A Leroy/Kate Love Story Book 2)

Kate’s trying to teach ethics to Leroy — which is like teaching calculus to a cat. She takes over the role of “roper” — finding the mark. She has her eyes on a college BMOC with a cool car and a lot of money. But Leroy — here’s that ethics dilemma — sees an even bigger prize. How’s Kate going to regard Leroy stealing her scam? About like you’d expect.

Robin Hood & Maid Marian? Not these two. Meet Leroy Logan, a young man who’s going to be the best con artist ever, and Katherine “Fast Kate” Mulrooney, a young woman with even bigger dreams of her own. Together and apart, over a span of sixty years, Kate and Leroy will embezzle anything, con anyone and love each other without reservation. In this second brilliant, funny, romantic novella, follow the (mis)adventures of the most exciting anti-heroes you’ve ever met.

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