The Gamma Sequence

Private investigator Hamilton “Hank” DeShear is fishing on a Florida beach when he receives an enigmatic phone call from a potential client identifying herself as Dr. Lanaya Kim. After a winding introduction, she snags his interest by claiming she wants to file a missing persons case. For herself.

The good doctor, Hank learns, was once employed by an Arizona research company named Angelus Genetics; due to its fragmented workplace, most employees had no idea what the company was actually working on. When the results surface, employees start defecting, and high-level scientists start dying in ways that seem natural. However, through the use of a highly secured secret message board, anonymous surviving employees realize a killer is pursuing them. As a result, Kim is on the run, her family in a safe house, as she not only strives to stay alive, but expose the company’s unethical experimentation and its founder as a brazenly sadistic criminal.

Turns out there are two killers pursuing Dr. Kim and her colleagues — the first is The Greyhound, a childhood victim of Angelus who’s determined to execute every scientist involved in the study that destroyed his life; and a ruthless team of assassins who relentlessly track and try to both covertly and publicly dispatch Lanaya and Hank until they’re forced off the grid, seeking the help of the one government official Hank trusts: his ex-wife, Camilla Madison, a bureau chief with the Internal Revenue Service.

The story careens from the United States to Indonesia, where the new base of Angelus Genetics presents a charitable public face, but allows virtually no access to its highly secured compound. Camilla and her employees elbow their way in to conduct an audit while Hank and Lanaya search for clues about Angelus … and discover just how inhumane one remorseless man can be to those deemed lesser.

The Gamma Sequence is one of seventeen novels featured in Do No Harm, a collection of medical thrillers available July 30, 2019 at Amazon ( and other retailers, including Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, Apple Books, Indigo, Mondadori, and Angus & Robertson. It’s also available as a paperback at Amazon:


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