Dog-Eared Delinquent

The law firm of Longfellow, Peters, and Associates has hired an assistant for Angie, now that she’s part-time, and he’s Peter Peters, the annoying cousin of new partner Bethany. When Angie inquires about his qualifications, Peter spits out “I’m her cousin, and I work for minimum wage.”

From his first day, Peter makes sneaky and snarky remarks hinting at Angie’s ability to talk to Octo-Cat. The comments unnerve Angie, but whenever she responds, Peter accuses her of being too sensitive. Until he hands her an address and tells her to be there at 10 p.m.

Naturally, Angie and Octo-Cat decide to check out the location early, which doesn’t go well, but offers clues about a string of baffling robberies taking place in Blueberry Bay’s business district. Events head downhill from there, putting the duo in danger, but eventually revealing just how Angie acquired her special power.

Dog-Eared Delinquent is an especially satisfying addition to the Pet Whisperer PI series, as it not only explains Angie’s gift, but devotes a substantial portion of the story to the ever-growing love between Angie and Octavius Maxwell Ricardo Edmund Frederick Fulton Russo. With Nan in residence cooking up a storm and forcing Octo-Cat to wear the occasional bow tie (“Et tu, Nan? I thought you loved me”), everyone is ultimately comforted and close, although Charles is still dating that annoying realtor.

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