Late for Shuffleboard

This book will be released July 15, 2019.

The Senior Sleuths have a new cold case — an elderly man, Nelson Greeley, was murdered and his dog, Soldier, is missing — but the real excitement isn’t criminal: lifelong bachelor Herman, who’s always felt he missed his one chance at love, is entranced by retired showgirl Lola. And raising the fun factor even more, the newest activity is shuffleboard, with teams promptly forming: Eunice heads an all-ladies squad, while Gus competes against his lady friend with Herman and Marcy in tow.

Herman feels unsure pursuing Lola, especially when rakish Jake expresses interest in her as well, but in true Herman fashion, replies honorably to Jake’s suggestion of competition: “I do have an interest, but it’s really up to her, not me. Not sure why you’d care since you have most of the women chasing you. Besides, Lola knows you too well.”

Lola does indeed know Jake too well and promptly dismisses him in Herman’s favor when the latter admits doubt. After years of Jakes, she’s ready for a truthful, rock-steady man, and that’s Herman.

So while searching the victim’s home for clues, Herman manages to convince Lance to return stowaway Eunice to the retirement home so he & Lola can spend some time alone. Searching for the victim’s missing dog, they drop by the local shelter, and while Soldier isn’t there, Lola falls in love with Bear, a pup so tiny he’s kept in the cattery. As her devoted companion, Herman secures the adoption and sneaks Bear into her room.

While enduring drenching storms and suspicious aides to tend to the pup’s needs, Herman ponders the careful coin collection records kept by the victim, although the valuable coins themselves are missing. Jake hatches the idea to rip up the floor in search of hidden clues and valuables, which he finds just as the house is about to be demolished with a wrecking ball, and the contents of the musty box lead them not only to the victim’s missing dog, but the location of the coin collection and the desperation that prompted the robbery and death of the victim.

This leaves Lola and Herman to settle happily into what he thought was lost to him forever: a loving, trust-filled relationship. Marcy and Lance still dance around their feelings for each other, but Herman and Lola aren’t wasting any more time. Ain’t love grand?

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