The Kidnapped Bride

This book will be released August 1, 2019.

Patricia has befriended the bibulous Lady Mary Bostilhill-Swan, who’s bewildered by Patricia’s newfound love of fitness. Lady Mary is always more interested in the liquor than the activity, which is why she takes no interest in the rushed arrival of a group of shady-looking gangsters as she and Patricia return from a golfing-and-gin excursion in Miami. Our heroine, however, is intrigued by the gang, especially when swarthy bodyguards drag a young and attractive woman on board.

At dinner, Patricia learns that Cara Gonzalez, the young woman she’d assumed was Eduardo Perez’s daughter, is actually his fiancé. A clearly reluctant one, as she barely eats or interacts with anyone at the table, and drinks very little at a table swimming with wine and liquor. She leaves the table after spitting a curt phrase at her betrothed and tries to speak to Patricia in the restroom … but the language barrier … so Cara smiles, touches Patricia’s arm, and vanishes into the hallway with her two bodyguards … literally.

Hailed as a brilliant detective because of her first adventure, Perez asks Patricia to find Cara, offering $50,000 and a hefty dose of intimidation, but he’s never encountered a feisty British woman who views threats dimly. She accepts the assignment, but after shucking Perez’s minders, she meets his numerous gangster rivals on board, all with a single objective: to get their hands on Cara, who reportedly holds the key to a dead man’s fortune.

As Patricia continues to search for the missing fiancée, Lady Mary and Barbie are also kidnapped, amping up the pressure to resolve the situation. With the two most important women in his life endangered, Jermaine channels his inner John Steed as he elegantly reduces the bad guys to rubble and guides Madam across the finish line.

Once more, Steven Higgs has produced another splendid Patricia Fisher adventure. With her devoted butler Jermaine and fitness instructor Barbie by her side, there’s nothing she can’t do.


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