Lady Charlotte and the Dark Side


This book will be published on August 26, 2019.

Having previously accepted the Count’s marriage proposal, Lady Charlotte is standing at the altar with him, astonished by his adoring gaze, when a green-eyed, golden-haired intruder stomps into the church and declares that the Count is masquerading as a gentleman of noble blood and is merely his former valet. With the ceremony so rudely interrupted, Charlotte returns home in disgrace and berates herself for having been fooled by a handsome man.

But she doesn’t fully realize how much her unique lineage has allowed Anne Boleyn, Henry XIII’s second wife, to set up shop in her mind and slowly but surely take control. The man who interrupted the ceremony is her long-ago lover, Baron Ugo Woracziczky, who promises to unleash Anne so they can “rule together as King and Queen of a reborn Earth,” leading a horde of vampires across the continent. And so Ugo begins courting Charlotte in order to maintain access to Anne while simultaneously advising her stepfather, the shady Duke Dunroth, to lock her away for the benefit of her mental health.

The Count, however, hasn’t given up on Charlotte. He tries to explain his long and tangled history, but she’s too angry, and confused by Anne, to believe him. As her inner battle continues, however, even Bess begins to feel sorry for the woman she once held in contempt, and as she witnesses Dunroth’s treachery, Bess joins the Count, Sir Oswald Fairbrother, and Aunt Augusta in the battle to save Charlotte.

However, having been introduced to the dark side by Anne and Ugo, will Charlotte have the strength to fight for control of her mind? Will the Count’s measures save her from the depredations of her stepfather? Will Charlotte be able to trust the Count again?

Fallacious Rose has produced a satisfying sequel to Lady Charlotte’s Dilemma, holding readers spellbound until the very last page.


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