Beaglemania (A Pet Rescue Mystery)

Lauren Vancouver, the director of HotRescues, is supervising the instruction of an animal abuser, Efram Kiley, on physically and emotionally caring for companion animals. She’s furious when Animal Control raids a puppy mill and finds Efram dumping beagle pups into the storm sewers. He steadfastly denies any abuse, despite physical evidence, and is banned from HotRescues after threatening Lauren for firing him.

So it’s shocking when Efram’s bloody body is found on the property, and the fact that Lauren was at the shelter and discovered his body, with the security camera blocked by a tossed t-shirt, makes her the prime suspect in the eyes of the police.

Lauren sets about clearing herself, even as strange incidents continue. It doesn’t help that an animal control officer, Matt, who’s clearly interested in Lauren, keeps inexplicably popping up at each event. But as she barely fends off one last attack, she fears she’ll never be able to clear her name … until she holds a meeting that reveals everything.

Laura O. Johnston has written an engaging and compelling mystery that scatters plenty of red herrings to divert attention from the killer. And like her creator, Lauren is a strong and resourceful woman who refuses to accept defeat when she knows she can find the solution.

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