Murder With a Psychic Touch

Summer Sassafras is having a bad day. Her hated co-worker, Nyle Pritchett, got the promotion she should have received, so she quits her sales job. Her phone is electro-fried while she sits in a coffee shop, where she’s trying to read a letter on opulent stationery, inviting her to a little Virginia town called Wonder Springs, to meet family members she never knew existed.

So when she walks into her Philadelphia apartment and spots a sinister man seated on her sofa, gripping her cat, Mr. Charm, she’s freaked. The stranger demonstrates frightening powers and specifically mentions the Touch, her “gift” that jolts her and erases the immediate memory of the person she touched — a power that no one knows about. Her sales skills and quick reflexes free Mr. Charm from his grip. But as they’re peeling out, the man grabs her arm, leaving mottled marks where his fingers encircled her wrist.

So, scared out of her wits, she runs to her car and takes off for the little town of Wonder Springs, where she discovers what looks like a gentle storybook world. She makes her way to the inn and meets a motherly woman and a strange man dressed like Gandalf on the porch, but when she shows them the marks on her arm, the wizard utters the word “sleep” and she’s suddenly unconscious.

When Summer awakens the next day, her arm is clear, so she makes her way downstairs in her rumpled suit to connect with her relatives — and is pressed into breakfast service in the dining room. Where she finds herself placing a plate before Nyle, who’s attending a Pritchett family reunion at the inn. And as soon as he takes one bite of his food, he keels over into his plate, instantly dead.

Something very bad is afoot.

Accused of murder and presumed guilty by the sheriff, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a bloodhound she met the previous day, Summer realizes she’s in charge of proving her innocence. It doesn’t help that everyone in the Pritchett family loudly declares her a murderer, but they all have secrets to hide and motives to kill. As she plumbs the inn and town for evidence to clear her name, she finds strange things at work — could she call it magic? — and with her cousin Tina’s help, Summer discovers there’s a lot more to Wonder Springs than meets the eye — including the devilishly handsome Cade, who she can’t get out of her mind.

Summer fears she’ll end up in jail if she can’t suss out the killer. But just as otherworldly sources seem allied against her, she also senses forces of good are on her side, which gives her the strength to push on to prove her innocence. B.T. Alive’s new cozy series creates an environment filled with magic, mystery, mayhem, and more than a touch of love.

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