Architect Brody Norris and his husband, Marson Miles, are are concerned about their friend Mary Questman on two fronts: that she’s been duped by a shady physician, Dr. Francis Frumpkin, who claims that hyperbaric oxygen will help patients lose weight; and more seriously, her belief that her new cat, Mister Puss, talks to her. The Abyssinian just showed up at Mary’s door one morning and insinuated himself into her life, and the couple fears she’s taken her love for the exotic cat a bit too seriously — especially when Dr. Frumpkin claims Mister Puss approved her plan to invest in his chain of weight-loss clinics.

It doesn’t help that Frumpkin has hired Brody to design the clinics, which he envisions as franchises across the country.

Brody and Marson are relieved Mary backs out of demonstrating the hyperbaric chamber, but surprised to learn the advice came from Mister Puss. Then the doctor’s son-in-law, Dr. Jason Ward, steps in and, to everyone’s horror, dies during the presentation.

Which is when Mister Puss whispers to Mary that Brody should help Sheriff Thomas Simms solve the murder.

And then Mister Puss whispers a few facts to Brody.

Suspects multiply like the castor beans local reporter Glee Savage grows in her backyard. Which clue will help Brody slot all the others into place and solve Dr. Ward’s murder?

While the humans ponder and search, Mister Puss is on the job in this engaging first novel in Michael Craft’s new cozy mystery series. Dumont, Wisconsin has a new detective, and he’s a four-footed genius.


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