Beat the Reaper

Not only is Josh Bazell a doctor who can write, but he puts Tess Gerritsen, Robin Cook, and the late Michael Crichton to shame with a fast, gripping tale that, in this post-Sopranos era, seems all too realistic. Dr. Peter Brown works in the Manhattan hospital from hell when he runs into an elderly man from his past, and suddenly Pietra Brwna’s WITSEC protection is gone. What follows is one of the fastest-paced books ever written. Readers should prepare themselves for high levels of gore and mutilation — Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant is the best comparison — but just as Pietra Brwna knows how to jerk out a man’s throat with his bare hands, Josh Bazell grabs the reader with Peter Brown’s tale and doesn’t let go until the blood-splattered end.

Check out Josh’s fascinating backstory:

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