Milo and Ze: A Bull Terrier Puppy Adventure

Milo is a lonely little dog who lives, chained and neglected, in a cold, wet backyard, until one night a fallen star crashes into his kennel. It’s been watching the sweet little bull terrier as he sleeps and knows his deepest wish is for a friend. The star sends Milo, who now bears that glowing image on his chest, on a week-long journey to find that friend — over land, where he meets a pig who takes him onto the sea in a leaky barge, then back to the shore where he meets a pelican who carries him in his beak to the desert. He rides a camel, gets caught in a sandstorm, meets an elephant, passes through a scary cave, and experiences more adventure than he could have ever imagined as he bravely travels toward the person who will love him forever.

The rhyming text of Mark Watson is accompanied by the charming illustrations of Pablo Michau, which together lovingly narrate Milo’s journey from neglected pet to adored companion. May that one day be the reality of every pet.


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