A Picco Puppy Double-Header

Since these charming children’s books are short, I’m combining them for one review.

Bedtime for Picco Puppy

Picco Puppy and his sister, Poppi, are having fun playing hide and seek when Mommy tells them it’s time to take a bath. They ask for one more game, and she allows it, but when that round is finished, Poppi and Picco head for the tub, where they enjoy the bubbles and warm water so much they ask for a bit more time to splash about. Mommy allows it, and both Puppys cheerfully dry off and brush their teeth, with the help of Mommy and Daddy. Then they’re tucked in bed, Daddy reads them a bedtime story, and the light is turned off so the Puppys can get the rest they need.

Michael Wong writes exclusively in rhyme, which gives Bedtime a a playful tone, but switches effortlessly to peaceful as the day winds down. The winsome art of Arkhan Studio matches the message and conveys the security and contentment felt by the little Puppys .

Picco Puppy Plays Soccer

Little Picco Puppy is clumsy and slow, getting off to a bad start for the week. He can only run short distances before resting, which is when his mother checks on him. She knows he’s hot and tired, but encourages him to keep going, because the more he practices, the better player he’ll become. By taking her advice, Picco is able to get the ball and pass it to his friend Tiggi Tiger. Everyone on the team encourages Picco as he progresses through the game — his sister Poppi, Macca Monkey, Koco Koala, Paddi Panda, and of course Mommy and Daddy — and finally scores a goal at the end of the week. His teammates vote him Player of the Week and award him the trophy, an honor he’s dreamed about.

Michael Wong delivers Picco’s story in charming rhyme, accompanied by Arkhan Studio’s engaging illustrations. “Picco Boo” ends the book, as readers are challenged to find five Piccos in the drawing.

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