Apple Orchard Mysteries: Box Set One (Books 1-3)

Apple Die

Not long after her fiancé leaves her at the altar, Manhattan interior designer Chelsea Thomas moves home to her Aunt May’s apple orchard in Pine Grove, New York. During her cousin Maggie’s rehearsal dinner, the groom no one really likes or trusts is found face-down in a creek on the property. Maggie is the main suspect, but as Miss May and Chelsea discover, the killer could be even closer to home.

Cooking the Books

Second-generation CPA Charles Fitz has pushed most of Pine Grove’s business owners, including Miss May, to invest their profits in his high-yield investments, but gives them the stiff arm when they demand refunds. Then Chelsea has the bad fortune to discover the accountant’s frozen body at the Pine Grove Winter Festival. That he left behind half a million dollars of debt and a mistress surprises his wife, Florence, the high school principal , which means Miss May and Chelsea have their work cut out for them as they sift through the accountant’s enemies to find the one bad apple.

Candy Apple Killer

Retired newcomers Reginald and Linda Turtle have rubbed everyone in Pine Grove the wrong way by the time Chelsea finds Linda dead in her seat at the orchard’s annual candy apple hoedown. The last person she’d encountered was KP, the orchard’s rustic wizard, so the Pine Grove police are happy to pin the murder on him. But when Miss May and Chelsea find Reginald hanging from a ceiling fan with a suicide note in his pocket, the case isn’t as tightly spun as it seems, since someone else in town hand-writes in such a particular manner.

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