Grant Us Mercy: Installment Four

Arland has invited the Chantrys to share Thanksgiving — what they’re calling the Harvest Celebration — and Blake is torn. He recognizes that his family owes a moral debt to Laurie and Arland for helping them through Mercy’s difficult birth, and accepting their hospitality is one way to do so. He also realizes Kris and Tucker need to socialize with other survivors, so they make the trek.

Everything is going well until the kids, who’ve been out on a hike, return with a wild-eyed man named Jake, who tells them about the crazy men who have taken his family hostage in exchange for food. Arland and Blake put together a team to rescue the family, and Arland invites them to become part of their community.

The Chantrys return home both happy and disturbed, but Tucker tells Blake a greater shock is coming … one that he feared but hoped would never happen.

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