A Sleuth and Her Dachshund in Athens

The Aurelia has docked in Greece, and Alastair is thrilled to introduce Patricia to his nephew, Julian Young, who’s been assigned to the bursar’s office. So he’s understandably distraught when the young accountant is found dead in his room. A gun in his hand, a typed suicide note on his computer screen: Patricia immediately realizes the scene is staged. Alastair, trusting her acumen, privately asks Patricia to solve Julian’s murder.

The resident of the Windsor Suite has faced sleuthing challenges head-on in her months aboard the world’s largest and most luxurious cruise ship, but this family death presents a plethora of problems. For one, since she knows nothing about accounting, she reluctantly calls Charlie, her arrogant estranged husband, for help deciphering the spreadsheets Julian left behind. With his assistance, she recognizes the bursar’s office is out of control, a fact soon highlighted by the alleyway murder of Commander William Krill, the bursar, near a sleazy hotel. And just who beat the living daylights out of the bear-sized chef lying in the ship’s clinic?

As Patricia struggles with multiple crimes, actors, and motives, her loving relationship with Anna, the little red dachshund she rescued in Japan, provides the clues she needs to break the criminal logjam. However, before she can accurately resolve all stray threads, she and her faithful friends, including Jermaine and Hideki, find themselves challenged in a members-only club where what happens inside stays inside.

And what’s up with the tuxedoed paraglider who landed on the helipad as the Aurelia steamed out of Athens?