Zetta the Poinsettia

Zetta the Poinsettia is stuck on the holiday two-for-one table at Miller Plant and Seed, sure no one will love her and she’ll be left behind once more. But luck is with her — a little girl takes notice of her bright red holiday cheeriness and convinces her mother to buy Zetta and take her home.

Once ensconced in pride of place on the mantel, Zetta is in her element, dispensing smiles and cheer to the family and greeting holiday visitors. Her every petal shines as Zetta feels she’s found her destiny. But one day she notices the tree is taken down and thrown out, the decorations packed away, rotted floral arrangements tossed, fuzzy seasonal slippers stowed out of sight. And Zetta worries, What will happen to me? Will I be tossed out like the tree and flowers? Am I not loved any more?

Fearful, Zetta shivers as Mom takes her down from the mantel, but much to her surprise, she’s moved into the kitchen and placed in the sunny light of the window, where she flourishes amongst the kitchen crockery and tools. In fact, she grows so vigorously that, in the spring, she’s taken out into the yard and planted in a bigger pot, which will give her roots plenty of room to spread out and let Zetta surge even more.

As Christmas approaches once again, Zetta is stationed inside by the front door, holding hands with her friend the Nutcracker and reveling in the knowledge that, whatever the season, she’ll always be reaching for the light, because she has the most important reason to exist: to brighten the lives of others!

Alma Hammond’s charming tale for ages 2 – 6 includes an information sheet with seven interesting facts about poinsettias, as well as a coloring page. Zuzana Svobodova’s charming illustrations bring the lively little flower to life and prompt readers both young and old to eagerly follow Zetta’s progress from sad forgotten store plant to thriving year-round family member, in a book that will be enjoyed year after year by generations of children.