Blue Moon Investigations: A Humorous Fantasy Adventure Series Boxed Set Part 1

The Blue Moon Investigations series is one of the best in paranormal indie mysteries. Tempest Michaels is a thoroughly decent chap who solves what appear to be supernatural scrapes, but always unmasks the reality behind the crime. In this box set, he unmasks a phantom that burns its victims, defangs a vampire and his cult, conquers a murderous posse of clowns (including a very personal battle with the leader determined to bring him to a grisly end) and debunks a zombie attack. In addition, his assistant, Amanda Harper, a former policewoman, quickly solves a series of ghostly robberies at a shopping center, further burnishing Blue Moon’s reputation. Higgs writes accessible, inclusive, and thoroughly funny mysteries that always deliver great paranormal entertainment.

Published by Book Review Gal

English major and former librarian, I'm a lifelong reader of just about anything in print. I read widely, but my favorite genres are cozy mysteries, post-apocalyptic novels, and any book featuring dogs, cats or any kind of animal. I'm not a fan of steamy romance or erotica, and I've developed a taste for independent writers since acquiring a Kobo e-reader and Kindle. I beta-read for several authors, but have no fiction-writing aspirations of my own; to quote author Tim Kreider, “I don’t know how to reconcile the necessities of plot with anything resembling real life. I just don’t understand life well enough to make things up.”

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