Where Will You Go, Ricky Jo?

Last gift suggestion for Christmas 2019.

In a dream one night, sweet chihuahua Ricky Jo’s stuffed animals tell him it’s time to travel, to see places he’s never been, go on adventures far and wide. They want to hear his stories: about shopping for travel, walking through beautiful gardens (that make him sneeze!), sailing across the ocean meeting all kinds of sea creatures, climbing mountains (and making sure his coat is buttoned before he ventures down), driving a fire truck and proudly wearing a fire hat, flying above the clouds in an old-fashioned airplane, riding a horse across the prairies and to the sea, working in a barnyard and befriending the animals, and finally, a journey to the land of sleep, where he’ll wake in his own bed and tell all his stuffed friends about his adventures.

This rhyming tale for ages 2 – 10 is cleverly written by Tom Murdoch and accompanied by the frame-worthy illustrations of Marina Veselinovic.

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