Adana the Earth Dragon — Audiobook Review

Adana, a little brown earth dragon, feels dejected — she can’t do anything the other dragons do. She can’t play in the clouds like the air dragons, can’t swim and enjoy water games like the water dragons, and can’t breathe flames to toast marshmallows like the fire dragons — the one time she tried, by drinking fire water, it just made her throat sore. No one wants to be her friend because she’s boring and brown, and that makes her quite sad.

Then one day, while Adana is asleep in her cave, a giant stumbles into the dragons’ haven. The air dragons fly into his face to drive him away, but the giant just laughs and swats them away, and the terrified air dragons take shelter in Adana’s cave. Next, he stomps into the lagoon, splashing out all the water and chortling as he fends off the water dragons, who also seek shelter in Adana’s cave. Then he stomps to the lair of the fire dragons, where they’re playing toss the fire ball. They fight back when he interrupts their game, but their angry flames just bounce off his thick skin.

But as the frightened dragons cry in Adana’s crowded cave, she takes action: digging into the soft earth floor. She tunnels her way out to the giant, who’s lounging on a rock, and using the strength given to her by her natural habitat, she confronts the intruder while safely hidden in her tunnel. Through politely firm demands and judicious pokes of her sharp claws, she convinces the giant to depart.

Debbie Manber Kupfer has written a children’s book that appeals to all ages, and the audiobook is expressively narrated by Fiona Thraille, who masters a variety of voices for all the characters. Clocking in at a brief 16 minutes, Thraille’s interpretation of Kupfer’s book is the perfect way to ease into sleep at the end of the day.

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