A Note to My Valued Followers

Book Review Gal here in first person to ask your forgiveness for a few upcoming days of silence. My daughter had surgery Wednesday and is already home recovering — the miracles of modern medicine! On Thursday, I went upstairs to get the step stool she’d requested to help her get into her bed — she’s short and the bed is high — and missed a step, falling to the landing and severely spraining my ankle (I was sure it was broken, but thankfully not). This happens more than I’d like to admit, so I took my usual curing concoction of high doses of aspirin and and leftover prescription naproxen from my neck surgery, limped for a couple of hours, and then resumed regular walking later in the afternoon. I thought all was well until I shed my socks last night and caught sight of this:

Apparently this fall was more serious than I thought, although I’m certain I didn’t break anything. (I haven’t had bruising like this since I broke my leg in 1988.) I’m combing the house for my ankle brace and will continue to swallow death-defying doses of NSAIDs, but between this and tending to my girl, I’m going to be out of commission for a few days. However, I’ll be back with reviews as soon as possible, so please be patient, my friends!

Many thanks —

Book Review Girl 💕💗💜