Free Book for Followers

Marc Wilhelm, author of Mary van Amsterdam and the Tragically Dead in Recovery, visited the blog early today and let me know he’s offering the Kindle version free until Monday. Here’s the entry to visit:

  1. Book One is FREE this weekend, until Monday February 3rd. The offer is for a limited time, so don’t delay. If you already have the Kindle eBook, you may consider getting a free copy as a gift for a friend it’s free! If you have Kindle Unlimited, please note that Book One has also been selected along side a huge collection of to a “Begin a New Journey Series Starter free in KU” bundle. It would help me if you took a quick look at the selections here too.

I copied that straight from Marc’s newsletter, and if I erase the 1, all the formatting disappears. As last night’s post indicated, my left ankle and I aren’t up to a formatting session at my desktop for restructuring, so please excuse the construction mess.