Libby the Psychic Dog Series (Books 1 and 2)

Libby the Psychic Dog (#1)

Percival Plep, an aristocratic young man who died in World War I, has been reincarnated as a terrier. A female terrier named Libby. He’s adopted by Mrs. Beardsley, and since Libby found a neighbor’s lost keys because she can understand human language, she’s considered psychic — Libby the Psychic Dog.

When the six-year-old granddaughter of a neighbor goes missing, Mrs. Beardsley, now known as Mama, reluctantly allows her friend Connie to take Libby to search for the girl. She not only finds the little girl, but fends off a snake, then leads the girl back to Connie. The grateful little miss hugs and thanks Libby, who’s soon honored at the community Christmas party.

Mystery in the Mansion (#2)

Mama has a stroke, so Libby stays with genial neighbor Charlie while she’s in the hospital. When Mama is transferred to rehab, Connie takes her to stay with Binney, the elderly lady Connie caretakes, which is where she meets the elegant Gigi, Binney’s standard poodle. Like Libby, she’s reincarnated and introduces herself as Claire Michel. She was Canadian and, like Percival, died in conflict — as a nurse in World War II — and they’re soon very close.

Binney is bedridden and lives with her son, Axton, in a mansion. Despite appearances, he’s increasingly short of cash, which he acquires by robbing household safes with an unpleasant partner, groundskeeper Byford Flitter. However, Flitter’s skills are limited to old-fashioned safes with tumblers, and the one Axton needs opened is digital.

In frustration, Axton starts eliminating inconvenient people so he can flee to Costa Rico with a satchel of cash, starting with Flitter, but Libby and the butler, Clish, hide in Binney’s bedroom and catch him in the act of trying to smother her with a pillow. Clish subdues Axton, the police arrest him, and Libby goes home to Mama. She misses Gigi desperately, but good news is coming her way.

Both books are written for adults, but are suitable for children and young adults, especially those who love pets.

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