The Nefarious Neighbor (Libby the Psychic Dog Series #4)

Charlie has a new neighbor who’s causing trouble. Young people visit her trailer day and night, where she passes them plastic sandwich bags in exchange for cash. She also threatens to call the cops on Charlie, since Eddie, now called Bruno, barks every time someone knocks next door. Good boy.

With Herbert the cat’s help, Libby and Bruno attract Connie’s attention, and her open suspicion of the unfriendly woman prompts her to call the police. When they arrive, Libby slips inside the trailer to catch the officer’s attention, and he discovers a grow room full of marijuana plants. Farewell, nasty neighbor!

Sadly, Charlie is rushed to the hospital after a heart attack, to which Herbert alerts Libby and Gigi after hearing Bruno howling in sorrow. When Connie takes Bruno and Libby to visit Charlie in the hospital, Bruno jumps on the bed with his beloved owner, and the three of them stay with Charlie until he passes away. Everyone worries about finding Bruno a new home, but that’s quickly solved.

Mama, who left on a Christmas cruise gifted by her son, returns home in a good mood and excellent shape — she’s now walking with a cane, which was suggested by a retired doctor she met on the cruise. He lives nearby and is taking her out for New Year’s Eve! Libby fights jealousy, as that has always been their special night, but she knows Mama is happy, and that’s what matters.

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