A Big Change for Daisy

This book will be published April 21, 2020

Daisy is a pampered English bulldog who enjoys being an only pup. She has the house to herself, sleeps when she wants, never has to share her toys or — gasp! — her precious tiara. Her life is calm and settled, and that’s exactly how she likes it.

So when a small brown ball of furry energy enters her home and introduces herself as Lilly-Rosa, Daisy isn’t happy.

She retreats to her quiet place to meditate, to ponder the mystery of having a little sister and how this will affect the life she loves so much.

When she emerges, she asks Lilly-Rosa to explain this little sister business, and the chihuahua-dachshund mix is happy to do so. Having a sister, Lilly explains, “is like having a live-in friend. We get to play, run, and have fun together all day long. Aren’t you excited I am here?”

No, Daisy thinks, I’m not excited you’re here. But she decides to give being a sister a chance and discovers that Lilly’s friendliness and constant energy irritate her. When they try to play ball, the ever-animated Lilly-Rosa always grabs it and runs away from Daisy, which tires her. And learning she’ll have to share her toys and — gasp! — her precious tiara! — is more than she can tolerate.

So how will Daisy adjust to this big change?

Keri T. Collins’ story is illustrated by the delightful illustrations of Cynthia Baker-Gusman, who renders Daisy, Lilly-Rosa, and their world with chalk pastel sticks that lend authenticity to Daisy’s struggle, as well as Lilly-Rosa’s winsome charm. Young readers and their parents will be enchanted by a story that demonstrates the challenges of change, as well as its rewards.

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