About Those Pesky Website Problems …

Book Review Gal here in first person to note that some eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the display name on blog posts changed at some point in the last few weeks. This was a massive SNAFU on WordPress’s part, and after a lot of SCREAMING via chat with at least six different “happiness engineers” (yes, that’s their actual job title), the problem has finally been fixed. The company somehow mixed up my business and book review sites, resulting in a flurry of profanity on my part and a couple of exceptionally stupid “okay, boomer” responses from said HEs. More profanity and a few threats followed, which resulted in a slew of written apologies from those happy-clappy “experts” and WordPress executing the heavy lifting that would’ve been my responsibility if I’d initiated these changes. Which I didn’t.

This all started when I paid my renewal fees. Coincidence? I think not.

At any rate, I’ve been extremely upset for the last couple of weeks, which has resulted in fewer book reviews. I have four to write at the moment, and I hope to have a new one for you, my valued readers, in my next post. Thanks for hanging with me during this mess, and if you didn’t notice anything, IT’S ALL GOOD.

BTW, here’s my business website: editingsvcsink.com. I can edit or write just about anything, but my specialty is indie fiction, so if you need help, give me a shout. I offer first-time authors substantial discounts to get them off to a good start (so they can pay my regular rates in the future). Graduate students who need their theses or dissertations proofed earn a discount as well.

We now return to the program already in progress.

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