Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea

Written at the beginning of her successful late-night cable show, these essays are simply reformatted Chelsea Lately scripts: profane, dubiously funny, and TMI about bodily functions, heavy drinking, bad hangovers, and a rotating variety of sexual activity. Moderation has never been Chelsea’s gig, so she spins tales about her pervy widowed father, her infatuation with a “tiny person,” and the insults she hurls at everyone who crosses her line of sight. If you’re a fan, it’s funny, but a bitter pill for those who’ve soured on her sarcasm. During the show’s run, she prided herself on her DGAF attitude and ecstatic slaughter of sacred cows, but she clearly tired of her own derision, as she’s devoted her post-performance life to social activism. If you must read this book and your library has (wisely) discarded it, buy a dollar copy at the thrift store, where they’re surely overstocked.

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